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Newbies Flailing Madly at CVS Update Aborted Error

From: Casey
Subject: Newbies Flailing Madly at CVS Update Aborted Error
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2002 01:34:57 -0800

 cvs [update aborted] cant rename file xxx to CVS/,,xxx  No file or

We moved from one server to another and suspended all work on the
project at hand until we can get CVS reinstalled.  However, between the
time of move and reinstall, some of the datafiles have changed (MUD area
files). None of us is particularly a guru in system administration.  The
person who initially installed CVS is long gone and no documentation
remains as to his actions.

The person doing the bulk of the work on this tells me it is CVS 1.1.1,
and we are running Linux. I think it is on a Cyrix processor.  I am told
this is a 'fresh install'.

Any/all help greatly appreciated. Thank you

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