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How to commit preserving dates?

From: J|rgen Backelin
Subject: How to commit preserving dates?
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2002 19:52:01 +0100

For several reasons, I would like to restore old dates of file versions
by means of the cvs ci command. (In sccs, this was automatic; and in rcs, it
is easily achieved.) I have found no way of doing so, except by abusing cvs
import -d
(for committing, not importing!), or (far worse!) by directly editing the date
in the repository *,v files.

I guess there might be some way to achieve this with cvs admin; but will that
essentially reverting to old rcs handling (with no history logging, et cetera)?

There ought not to be very hard to make a -d option working for cvs ci, like for
The only dis-advantage that I see, is that this might open the way to potential
and history related problems, since sccs, rcs, and cvs import achieve the
restored file
date by manipulating the record of the time of the commitment. In my opinion,
there should be separate entries for the commitment time and the file date; the
commitment time should be impossible or hard to manipulate (either by cvs import

or cvs ci); by default, the file 'last changed date' (restored at co and export)
coincide with the commitment date, but it should be easy to manipulate (both by
and by import).

However, I do not expect major changes of the repository file info formats; so
settle for any clean way of doing the dirty commitment date manipulation trick.


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