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Re: CVS on VMS mailing list ?

From: Patrick Spinler
Subject: Re: CVS on VMS mailing list ?
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2002 13:36:41 -0600

I posted a patch against 1.11 for the VMS rename command to cvs-bugs a month or 
two ago.  My message got no response whatever, so I'm not certain where to take 
it from here.

The issue I found is that when using a repository with "watch on", CVS will not 
update any changed files, since the files in the local repository are read 
only.  My patch just turns on write permission before the new file is 
"rename()"ed onto the existing
file name, then replaces the original permissions.

(Searching my sent mail folder ...)


-- Pat

--- cvs-original/cvs-1_11/src/filesubr.c        Tue Jul 11 15:32:02 2000
+++ cvs-1_11/src/filesubr.c     Mon Dec  3 09:24:28 2001
@@ -395,14 +395,25 @@
     const char *from;
     const char *to;
+    int change_to_read = 0;
     if (trace)
        (void) fprintf (stderr, "%s-> rename(%s,%s)\n",
                        CLIENT_SERVER_STR, from, to);
     if (noexec)

+    if (ifaccessible (to, F_OK) && ! isaccessible (to, W_OK))
+       {
+       xchmod (to, 1);
+       change_to_read = 1;
+       }
     if (rename (from, to) < 0)
        error (1, errno, "cannot rename file %s to %s", from, to);
+    if (change_to_read);
+       xchmod (to, 0);


Miller Dale Contractor HQ AFWA wrote:
> Greetings:
> I would be interested in a VMS CVS group.
> Here is some background on what I am doing.  I use CVS 1.11.1p1 on all
> platforms.  I have CVS client running on DEC OpenVMS V7.2-1.  I use pserver.
> I have CVS running on DEC ALPHA running OSF1 V4.0, SGI running IRIX64 6.5,
> and IBM AIX. I have CVS repositories on OSF1 and IRIX64.  The VMS CVS client
> is using the OSF1 CVS server.
> I use CMS on some VMS processors, however, a recent project did not purchase
> CMS so I am using CVS.
> I have extensive work with SCCS, RCS, CMVision, CMS, and CVS.  I have
> converted all our CMVision projects to CVS.  I greatly prefer UNIX over VMS.
> However, I have one VMS project using CVS.
> Current problems I have encountered with the VMS CVS port include:
> cvs export and checkout error off after handling about 250 files and
> directories.
> A work around is to repeat the command until all files are processed.  I
> believe this has been explained to be a problem with the VMS rename program.
> I would be interested in a fix for this.
> I learned that a module name cannot start with "d" or "D".  For example, I
> did an import creating a repository with a module name of dips (a Government
> acronym).  The import ran great.  I could do rlog and rannotate commands
> without any problems.  But if I tried to do a checkout or export I got a
> "could not chdir" error.
> DIPSD->cvs checkout dips/ssies_gdas/apga/apga.for
> cvs [checkout aborted]: could not chdir to dips/ssies_gdas/apga: invalid
> argument
> This was strange because I have other modules that work fine.  I finally
> renamed the module and the "could not chdir" problem vanished.
> On the server side, I did a "mv $CVSROOT/dips $CVSROOT/vms_dips" and now
> checkout and export both work.
> I believe CVS might be seeing the starting d in the module name as a "d"
> option on the checkout and export command.  If this is true there may be
> other options on other cvs commands that could present a problem.
> Please let me know if a VMS group is formed.
> Thanks, Dale Miller
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Patrick Spinler [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Saturday, December 01, 2001 11:36 PM
> To: address@hidden; address@hidden;
> address@hidden; address@hidden;
> address@hidden; address@hidden
> Subject: CVS on VMS mailing list ?
> Folks:
> I'm writing you this because I see from browsing info-cvs and bug-cvs
> that you are all developing or using cvs client on VMS, with varying
> degrees of success.
> Recently I have started doing the same, using CVS 1.11 (?p1? - sorry
> I'm at home right now & my VMS box is at work) with patches obtained
> from the net.  Would you be interested in forming a CVS on VMS mailing
> list to discuss issues surrounding this port ?  If can't
> provide such, I could.
> Please let me know if you're interested in a vms specific forum for
> discussions of CVS.
> Thanks,
> -- Pat
> p.s.  are patches better sent to info-cvs, bug-cvs or some other place ?
> p.p.s.  which forum to ask questions about flow of control & logic in
> the code ?

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