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About playing with sticky dates, the art with no cvs dir

From: David D
Subject: About playing with sticky dates, the art with no cvs dir
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 01:44:21 +0100


I have a problem, I ask for advise in order not do serious mistake.

I make a working copy for a website for a designer, he works on it, but
remove the CVS dir which are important information
for the communication with cvs server. I know the date when i give it to
So I apply the method some of them told me.
do a
cvs checkout with -D option
(for the 1st december ...)
copy into hos files
make a cvs -nq update to see what files are added.
add them with a cvs add ...
do a cvs update -A
verify all
do a cvs commit.

This work well, I realize to merge my work (in the cvs repo) with this copy
wich we call copy1.

But this designer works very fast, that I did nt manage to give him a
working revision with CVS dir ...
In fact I have a copy1 and copy2, before knowing how to do with the cvs
repo, before knowing how
all this system works, I stock them apart, and manage my personnal work with
He developp from his copy1 a copy2.

And now I ask me how to do to merge this final copy (for him) into the cvs ?

Making a copy of the copy2 over an uptodate working directory will cause me
to lost things, surely,
I think of result of merge that i arrive to do with copy1 abd the cvs that
are surely not into the copy2?

I think about this method, told me if it was wrong :
I copy the copy2 over a working dir wich have the date just before realize
the merge beetween copy1 and the cvs repo.
Them as usual cvs -nq update, cvs add ..., cvs update -A, n commit.
Perhaps the date for the first copy can do the affair for copy2 (1str
december), I have to cvs add everything, the addon
from copy1 n the addon from copy2 ?


Help me, i nearly finish, and I will fire the ears of the designer.


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