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Third-party binary files, keyword expansion probs.

From: Nicholas Catanchin
Subject: Third-party binary files, keyword expansion probs.
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 16:09:33 +1000

Hi folks,

I'm a little stuck on something. Hope someone can help me out.
I want to import a third-party source that contains binary (and text)
files. All the text files contain the $Id$ keyword... I want to preserve
the values for these, and not replace them with my own info. When I run
import with the -ko option the binary files get corrupted. I have a
cvswrappers file in my CVSROOT module which contains several file
extensions to be treated as binary, but the -ko option appears to
override these settings and does newline conversion on the binary files
that I am trying to import. 

I've done a fair bit of reading about this - seems that I have several
options. I can include a '.cvswrappers' file in every directory of the
source, or I can specify wrappers on the import command (-w), and I can
even set $CVSWRAPPERS with some values. I'm very confused. Does the -ko
option override all of these settings? 

Can someone help me clarify this?

Greg: In a message you wrote once you said:
"What you need to do is to _always_ check out your vendor branched
modules with the (sticky) '-ko' option.  In other word you basically
have to tell CVS to NEVER touch any keywords or their values in any file
in your vendor branched module.  You really don't want to be messing
with another project's keyword values anyway."

That is what I want to do - but -ko seems to corrupt my binary files.


Nicholas Catanchin
Riders Cyclery
579 Kessels Road, Macgregor QLD 4109
Phone: (07) 3849 5333

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