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Re: Third-party binary files, keyword expansion probs.

From: Jack Baty
Subject: Re: Third-party binary files, keyword expansion probs.
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 17:58:58 -0500
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Frederic Brehm wrote:
> At 16:02 -0500 1/8/02, Jack Baty wrote:
> >Other than the vendor branch issues, are there gotchas of which I should be
> >aware when managing binaries within CVS?
[-- snip --]

> The main problems are:
> 1. merging
> 2. space
> 3. flames
> If your process is such that you never have to merge two different
> versions of the same image file, then you don't have to worry about
> problem 1.
Nope, just out with the old, in with the new.

> Problem 2 is due to the not-tuned-for-binary-data algorithm that rcs
> uses to store deltas. If your files are not huge, and you have enough
> disk and swap space, then this won't be a problem. You might want to
> keep an eye on the size of your ,v files in the repository, though.
This concerns me a little, but in most cases web site images don't change
often and are relatively small gifs.

> Problem 3 is caused by posting a question such as this to this
> mailing list. You're toast!

If you think *that* was flamebait, just wait until I'm foolish enough to
think I know what I'm doing!  :) At this point I can get away with playing
dumb enough not to know any better.

Thanks for the feedback.

Jack Baty
Fusionary Media -

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