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RE: a tag layer on cvs

From: Teala Spitzbarth
Subject: RE: a tag layer on cvs
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 15:04:49 -0800

Sounds like a fair chunk of work.  The difficulty of course
being, what are the best practices that will work for most
individuals and groups?

Not clear to me that a layer ontop of CVS had signficant
advantage over a re-write? Have you looked at Subversion?


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From: Matthew Herrmann [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2002 3:49 PM
To: CVS Mailing List
Subject: a tag layer on cvs

hi all,

what do people think about the idea of a project which sits on top of
and provides another level of abstraction to branching, merging,
management etc.

The idea would be to have responsibilities divided up in this hierarchy:

- CHANGELOG (eventually could use TAGSYSTEM to do all the special tag
- TAGSYSTEM (no magic revision numbers -- all hidden, disallows
branching on
individual files, branching automatically creates the branchpoint and
tag, allows complex rules for generating diffs, merging generates
tags etc., checkouts, tags etc.)
- CVS (revision, tag, logistics of branch management, merging etc.)

TAGSYSTEM would effectively be a system which concretises "best
which is of course another way of saying "magical rules which much be
so things work as expected". The reality is that CVS can do basically
everything that other systems like clearcase can, with the exception of
graceful directory and file renames, only, people need to do things "the
right way". This would remove that "right way" element. It would become

CVS then no longer needs to concentrate on providing user interface type
features, it basically operates as a versioned file management system.
Instead of every shop making their own custom scripts to do things,
there is
a 'recommended' shell which does what most people do anyway --
tags etc.

My idea was to do it in a compilable scripting language, (python -- my
choice, perl, vb (just kidding)) and that it would call cvs behind the

is this way off? or are people interested?


Matthew Herrmann
Far Edge Technology
Level 11, 80 Mount St
North Sydney NSW 2060

Ph: 02 9955 3640
Mob: 0404 852 537

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