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Re: Connection refused to CVS repository (and ACLs).

From: Axelle
Subject: Re: Connection refused to CVS repository (and ACLs).
Date: 9 Jan 2002 07:45:11 -0800

> I think there may be atomicity problems when mounting
> a CVS repository via NFS.

Well, there might be individual synchronization problems, but mainly,
I do not have any problem using it myself.

> I'm assuming you're asking about POSIX file system
> ACLs.

I'm using Sun's ACLs... I suppose they're Posix.

> It's perfectly fine to use ACLs within the CVS repo,
> in fact I promote them since it makes things much
> simpler.  However, be sure you understand exactly how
> permissions are used within the repo.

Well, I have left for both developers an rwx user access to 
Is there something particular you had in mind ?

> One thing you'll need to do is create a loginfo script
> that'll setfacl new directories and the archive file
> each time it's checked in since there's no decent
> mechanism for new files to inherit ACLs.

I use the default ACL commands to position ACLs on created files and
setfacl -s ... d:u:toto:rwx [etc].

Any clue ?

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