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Question - commiting modified file

From: Anjali Madhekar
Subject: Question - commiting modified file
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2002 11:00:09 -0800

When I generate some files during the build, they appear as 'modified'
in CVS. when I do a 'diff' the exit status is '0' indicating that the
files are indentical.
1. Do they have 'modified' status due to the file creation time stamp?
2. Out of 20-30 files that are generated, some may actually be
different. So how do I checkin only those that changed? Is there some
thing like a force checkin which allows me to checkin all files with the
updated comment? (Though the file appears 'modified' CVS does not seem
to commit it if it is actually an identical file, is this correct?)
3. After doing a 'commit' on a file that appears modified but is
identical, CVS does not check in that file. But the file continues to
appear as 'modified'. How can I get it to show the status as current?


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