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A single source file belonging to multiple repositories

From: Glew, Andy
Subject: A single source file belonging to multiple repositories
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 17:22:58 -0800

I often find myself in the position of having a single source file
that logically belongs to several repositories.

For example, I have a lot of personal library files
- headers debug.h, test.h, plus things like my number recognition
library.  I keep these on my own personal CVS server[*].
But, I encourage projects at the various companies where I have
been employed to use these Glew library tools.
They, naturally enough, want to place them into their own CVS
repositories, on their own CVS server.

{I know about import/export.  I don't like import/export.
I'm looking for a better way.}

So: I often find myself in a project workspace, editting one of my 
personal library files.  If I run "cvs ci" it gets checked into the project
CVS repository.  I want an easy way to ensure that the changes
get propagated to my personal CVS repository.

Idea:  CVS knows about the "CVS" subdirectory.   
If all accesses to the CVS subdirectory, such as CVS/Entries,
could instead be redirected to another subdirectory, CVS2/Entries,
then all of the existing CVS commands should work,
except accessing another repository.
This could be done inside CVS.  Has anyone done it?

Or, I *think* that it could be done at the filesystem, by wrappers
on top of CVS.  E.g. have subdirectories CVS1 and CVS2, and 
rename (or symlink, if that works) CVS1 to CVS when working
with the first repository, and CVS2 to CVS when working with the
second repository.


I think this goes beyond BitKeeper.  BitKeeper makes working with
multiple repositories natural, but I *think* BitKeeper still just
checks into one repository at a time.  I want checkins to be automatically
made to two (or more) repositories.

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