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CVS pserver on RH 7.2 - any password is authenticated!

From: Satheesh Babu
Subject: CVS pserver on RH 7.2 - any password is authenticated!
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2002 21:07:47 -0500
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I usually use Mandrake 8 and pserver works peacefully there. At work, I
need  to install RH 7.2 for this and it is driving me nuts.

- stock CVS rpm
- pserver running from xinetd

When you login it actually gives an error if you give wrong userids...
But, if the userid is valid, you can give ANY password including none
and it authenticates! Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

Our setup is for people using Win98 clients and who haven't even thought
about version control or UNIX things before. MS VSS was a candidate, but
a pain to automate using scripts.

If anyone knows some links to "proper and secure" CVS server setup on
Linux, that'd be great too.

Thanks in advance

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