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Newbie : please help me to migrate from RCS to CVS

From: Patrick FRADIN
Subject: Newbie : please help me to migrate from RCS to CVS
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 10:54:46 +0100
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I'm working with RCS since 4 years ago and our software director want to migrate to CVS for many reasons.

Now, we have many TclTk applications derived from a main framework base. i.e. we have a framework tcltk RCS directory with common classes.

Each new application is derived from this common base by linking framework classes (xxx.tcl,v files) into application directory.

So, when we update a framework class, all applications are updated with simple co command...

How can I reproduce this architecture with CVS please ?

I create two samples modules in my repository to make test : one for the framework and the other for a test application. To do this I use import command.

But I can't checkout these two modules into the same working directory ! I have some error messages. I don't want to use links into working directory because some developpers works under Windows and others under Linux. I know Windows don't manage very well links.

Please, have you a suggestion or policy ?

Thanks in advance.

Patrick Fradin

Synelec Telecom Multimedia

PS: Please excuse me if explanation are not simple but I'm new with CVS ... and I'm french too ;-)

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