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RE: using loginfo with a remote repository

From: Gawain Hammond
Subject: RE: using loginfo with a remote repository
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 14:42:46 -0000

I suspect it's the CVS server that does this (but am not sure) as I too
would like to get a report for each commit made by each user (similar to
perforce changelists) so that I can later retrieve a bunch of files related
to one piece of work commited.

I've found that loginfo runs once for each affected directory, and lists all
the files commited in that directory. To get round this I use a perl script
which stores each commit's info in a file with the date, directory (module
path), user, and user's log message. The screipt then checks to see if the
current commit is the same as any other commit recored. (in the file) then
the current commit is grouped together with the previous commits that match.
(I'm actually using the bugzilla database so it's made a little easier in
that each bug is related to a commit and wouldn't be repeated and therefore
has a unique bugID)

hope that helps.

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From: Matt Lease [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 10 January 2002 22:32
To: address@hidden
Subject: using loginfo with a remote repository

I've configured my loginfo file to mail me whenever a commit occurs, but
the results are not what I expected.  When committing n files in 1
commit, rather than getting 1 email describing the commit as a whole, I
get 1 to n messages, each describing a subset of the files committed.  I
suspect my CVS client is decomposing the commit into several commits
before sending them on to the remote repository.  If so, the repository
would have no way to know that these commits are related, and so the
loginfo script runs for each.

Has anyone else encountered this behavior and/or comment (even
generally) on it?

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