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Where are branched revisions kept?

From: Jack Baty
Subject: Where are branched revisions kept?
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 16:04:09 -0500
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During my recent first attempt at branching I may have botched something.

I added a directory, but none of the files in it, to the trunk before
deciding to create a branch. I then deleted all of the files in the directory
before creating the branch, created the branch and re-added and committed the

Or something like that :)

Using CVSWeb and selecting the branch (CURRENT), the files do not appear in
the directory, but rather in the directory's Attic folder.

Is that where they're supposed to be? I found the following in the manual...

"the rule is that the RCS file is stored in the attic if and only if the head
revision on the trunk has state dead. A dead state means that file has been
removed, or never added, for that revision.  For example, if you add a file
on a branch, it will have a trunk revision in dead state, and a branch
revision in a non-dead state."

This sounds like my situation, but I was hoping someone could confirm this.

Jack Baty
Fusionary Media -

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