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Re: Files that has changed between tags?

From: Mark Mynsted
Subject: Re: Files that has changed between tags?
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 14:05:22 GMT
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mjar <address@hidden> writes:

> Is there a simple way of see what files that has changed between two tags?
> //Markus

I asked the same question.  Here is the answer from Teala Spitzbarth.
It worked very well for me.

If the module name is <MODULENAME>, first tag is green and the next
tag is rel-1-1 then "cvs rdiff -s -r green -r rel-1-1 <MODULENAME>"
should work.

-----Teala's answer starts here -----

The most straightforward way is to use the rdiff command

        cvs rdiff -s -r green -r rel-1-1 <MODULENAME>

This gives you a listing of all files that changed between the two tags,
and the beginning and ending revisions for those files.

If you want log information (i.e. commit comments for every commit made
between the two tags) then you need to use log or rlog - though the
development version of cvs is required to get fixes to log to get
correct output.  Also the syntax of -rTAG1:TAG2 doesn't give you exactly
the same listing of changes "between" the tags, it includes the
revisions on the tags. This is clip from an email from Larry Jones and I
about how to get the right stuff out of log:
> What I really want from a 'tag1:tag2' syntax is: give me all the
> selected revisions&their change comments for revisions made after tag1
> and included in tag2. But I can see reading the log reference that it
> clearly says the tag1:tag2 syntax is inclusive in terms of revisions.

The current development version also has a tag1::tag2 syntax that's
exclusive, but it doesn't do quite what you want since it excludes tag2
as well as tag1.  You can always do "-r tag1::tag2 -r tag2", though.


-----Teala's answer ends here -----

I hope that helps.

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