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Re: Please help me arrange my development environment

From: Steve Greenland
Subject: Re: Please help me arrange my development environment
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 09:43:48 -0600
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On Wed, Jan 16, 2002 at 05:11:44AM +0000, Preston Crawford wrote:
> Because, as I stated, the absence of something like FrontPage Server
> Extensions seems to prevent the creation of an environment where there is
> a centralized development server like this. The only way you could
> seemingly do that with CVS would be to ssh into the server and CVS down.
> And even in that situation it seems to me like you'd be talking multiple
> instances or  hosts on the web server.

With apache, one can run virtual servers -- same apache installation,
same (mostly) config, just different documents, like this:

http://dev01.some.domeain/ -> /webdev/dev01
http://dev02.some.domeain/ -> /webdev/dev02
http://dev03.some.domeain/ -> /webdev/dev03

(And you make your DNS resolve all of the above to the same ip, or use
ip aliasing, or whatever works for your particular situation.)

Then each developer has her own sandbox, w/o having to run multiple
webservers. I don't know if iPlanet can do this...

Just for ideas, here's some links about how others have done web
development using CVS:

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