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Re: cvs 1.10.7 server + WinCVS

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: cvs 1.10.7 server + WinCVS
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 23:38:17 -0500 (EST)

Claude Johnson writes:
> $CVSROOT in this case has only the path, no :ext: method to be found. 
> The $CSVROOT is NFS exported to every machine, so there is never a
> need for remote access in these cases (internal LAN). Which is why the
> above makes no sense to me.

CVS remembers the $CVSROOT that was used to checkout a directory and
reuses it for all future operations in that directory rather than using
the current value of $CVSROOT.  The CVS/Root file is where the saved
value is stored -- you can check what it is and edit it if you want to
change it (like to local mode rather than :ext:).  I recommend trying
the problematic command in local mode (either change CVS/Root or
override it with the -d global option) to see if you get a better
explanation of the error.

Also, note that having your repository on an NFS-mounted disk is a very
bad idea -- there have been lots of reports of file corruption and
strange permission problems caused by NFS interoperability bugs.  I
strongly recommend using client/server CVS instead with the repository
locally mounted on the server.

> And maybe I'm mistaken, but why is there no documentation of a "cvs
> server" command?

Because it's not an end-user command -- it's intended for internal use
only.  And there is *some* documentation in the current release (cvs -H
server, for example).

-Larry Jones

I sure like summer vacation. -- Calvin

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