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Problem with files in the Attic

From: Filip Miletic
Subject: Problem with files in the Attic
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 10:52:46 +0100

Greetings everyone!

Please help me resolve the following problem. CVS is 1.11 and OS is 
cygwin. :) The repository is on local drive.

I am working on a piece of software for which I need to have 4 equivocal 
branches from the main trunk. I decided to go about this the following

First I imported the original code and tagged it: cvs tag original .

Then I applied a patch to make the first modification and tagged it:
cvs tag -b oc .

However, after this, an attempt to checkout any of the tagged revisions
in an error which says something like:

cannot chdir to /path.../Attic: no such file or directory.

The checkout cannot proceed afterwards. I have a feeling I am doing
wrong, but could not find any hint in Cederquist. Actually, I followed
instructions mentioned there to create branches etc. but they all failed
with the
above message.

Any help is appreciated.


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