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Re: releasing software with cvs Q.

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: releasing software with cvs Q.
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 10:43:52 -0800

Unfortunately, CVS has no provision to query for tags applied to any
file that appears in the user's sandbox.  Someone would have to write a
special tool for this, assuming the file is left in a sandbox (as opposed
to, say, being exported).

An alternative that also depends on a sandbox is to use the modules database
features that invoke scripts upon checkout and update.  But supplying an
install script with the project is best, and require the user to run it.

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Just use the CVS tag command:

    cvs tag "RELPATH: /usr/local/src/foo" foo.c

Then when you get the status of the file you find its attributes.
Could be used for most anything.

Alan Carter wrote:
>     Is it possible to somehow tag files within a project such that when
> checking the files out they get installed in pre-specifide locations on the
> file system . I am not reffering to the -d option. I need to develope an
> automated release mechanism.
> I need this because files within certain projects do not live in the same
> tree.

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