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From: asd asd
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 03:28:19 +0100

this sounds so good.

here is my bank account:

fuck you

"albert moore" <address@hidden> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> I am Dr ALBERT MOORE, an accountant in the Ministry of
> petroleum Resources
> (MPR) and a member of a seven-man Tender Board in
> charge of contract
> review and payment approvals.
> I came to know of you in my search for a reliable
> person to handle a
> very confidential transaction that involves the
> transfer of a huge sum
> of money to a foreign account. It may sound strange
> but exercise patience
> and read on. There were series of contracts executed
> by a Consortium
> Multinational in the Oil industry in favor of Ministry
> of Petroleum Resources
> among which were:
> 1. The extension of pipeline network within Nigeria
> for crude
> oil,
> Down stream products distribution and subsequent
> evacuation- US$ 195
> Million.
> 2. Contract for the Turn Around Maintenance (TAM) of
> the various
> refineries in the country~ US$ 152 Million.
> 3. The construction of storage tanks for petroleum
> products (Depots)~
> US$240 Million.
> The original values of this contract were deliberately
> over invoiced
> to the sum of   US $35.5million American Dollars which
> has now been approved
> and is now ready to be transferred being that the
> companies that actually
> executed these contracts has been fully paid and
> project officially commissioned.
> Consequently, my colleagues and I are willing to
> transfer the total amount
> to your account for subsequent disbursement since we
> are Civil Servant
> and are prohibited by the Code of Conduct Bureau (
> Civil Servant Laws)
> from opening/ operating foreign account in our names.
> Needless to say, the trust posed on you at this
> juncture is enormous.
> In return, we have agreed to offer you 20% of the
> transferred sum while
> 10% shall be set aside for accidental expenses
> (Internal & External)
> between the parties in the course of the transfer. We
> will mandate you
> to draw up an investment plan for us of which you will
> control since
> we cannot bring our shares back to Nigeria. We are
> very interested in
> investing in real estate in your country.
> You must however note that this transaction is
> subjected to the following
> terms and conditions:
> 1. Our conviction of your transparent honesty and
> diligence.
> 2. That you would treat this transaction with utmost
> secrecy
> and confidentiality because of the circumstances we
> now find ourselves.
> 3. That the funds would be transferred to an account
> over which
> you have absolute control.
> Modalities have been worked out at the highest level
> of the presidency
> at the Central Bank of Nigeria for the immediate
> transfer of the funds
> within 14 working days, subject to your satisfaction
> of the above stated
> terms. Our assurance is that your role is 100% risk
> free. To accord this
> transaction, the legality it deserves and for mutual
> security of the
> parties involved and the funds, the whole approval
> procedures  will be
> officially and legally processed with your name or the
> name of your company
> you may nominate as the bonafide beneficiary.
> Also, be informed that our main reason of contacting
> you is for the obvious
> reason that we will want to invest these funds in the
> real estate. It
> is our believe that you can be of immense help in this
> regards.
> Kindly expedite action so as to enable us include this
> transaction into
> this batch as payment to foreign contractors is
> usually carried out on
> quarterly basis. Please, contact me as soon as
> possible on my private
> e-mail address:address@hidden
> Best regards,
> __________________________________________________
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