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Re: WINCVS and MSVC problem

From: Stephan Feder
Subject: Re: WINCVS and MSVC problem
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 07:12:30 +0100


I know how the cvs client handles line endings but nonetheless it is a
problem for quite a few users. What about a flag for the client that
prevents it from doing _any_ line ending conversions (as I understand it
the server transfers the files as they are)?

Larry Jones wrote:
> =?ISO-8859-15?Q?J=F6rg_R=FCppel?= writes:
> >
> > I have some sourcefiles in my Linux cvs repository. When I check them out
> > with WinCVS through pserver and try to open them with MSVC, MSVC states
> > that it has detected lines ending on CR. In fact, the lines in the
> > checkedout file end up with CR CR LF, all of them. The original file on
> > another computer only contains CR LF. When I copy this file directly to the
> > MSVC system, it works without problems. Could someone tell me where the
> > additional CR comes from and how I can get rid of it?
> That's what happens when you check in files that end with <CR><LF> on
> a system where text files end in just <LF> (e.g., checking in Windows
> files on Unix).  CVS thinks the <CR> is part of the line rather than
> part of the terminator.  Then when you check the files out on a system
> that does use <CR><LF> terminators, you get the <CR> that's part of the
> line followed by the <CR><LF> line terminator.  The way to avoid this
> problem is to never edit or check in a file on a different system than
> the one it was checked out (or, for new files, created) on.  And never
> share working directories between different systems.
> -Larry Jones

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