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cvs not working for remote host

From: Piyush Khandelwal
Subject: cvs not working for remote host
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 23:01:54 +0530

Hi All,
 My cvs repository is in Sun solaris 5.7 . I am trying to do cvs activities from another unix server which is hp-ux.
Now, when I do cvs co <module> in hp-ux , it gives me the error :
rsh : <hostname> : not found.

where hostname is my sun solaris server where repository exists.

It seems that cvs internally calls rsh to login into remote shell (from hp-ux to solaris) , but rsh in hp-ux is not remote shell , rather reserve shell.

For remote login remsh is the correct command in hp-ux.

How can I make cvs point to remsh and not rsh ?
Or is there another solution?

Piyush Khandelwal

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