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How to do import and checkout with two vendor ?

From: George xu
Subject: How to do import and checkout with two vendor ?
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 17:52:44 +0800

Hello all:
   I have two  vendors in our development and to do the same product.but only remote vendor's souce is up-to-date .
Local vendor develop and send some code to remote vendor ,remote vendor to do some inspection and merge its code .
remote vendor release up-to-date  source code to local vendor ,local vendor import the source to cvs and not need merge local original source with the same module name.
Now ,local vendor developer can checkout these up-to-date source from cvs server.and moidfied these code then commit to cvs.
My question are three:
How to do import with vendor and tag?
How to do checkout with vendor and tag?
What is different between reversion and tag?
Please help me!
Thank you!

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