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Re: Any thoughts on web development branching methods?

From: James A. N. Stauffer
Subject: Re: Any thoughts on web development branching methods?
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 07:35:08 -0800 (PST)

That is basically what we do.

--- Jack Baty <address@hidden> wrote:
> I'm using CVS almost exclusively for web development and am trying to
> determine how I should handle branching.
> My current method uses the typical dev/stage/production areas. Each
> developer
> has his own sandbox. There is a single "stage" sandbox and the live site
> is
> simply a checked out copy of the repository.
> The usual chain of events is...
> 1. Initial development work is completed and the staging site is updated
> for
> review by client.
> 2. Once approved, a copy is checked out as the "production" site.
> 3. I create a "release-1_0" tag on the trunk and development continues.
> What I'd like to do is determine the best way to handle development,
> branching and tagging from this point forward.
> My first thought is to create a "release-1_0-updates" branch off the
> "release-1_0" branch and move the stage and live sites onto that branch.
> Developers then can either continue working on the main branch heading
> toward
> the next major update to the site, or move their sandbox to the updates
> branch for minor changes and bug fixes. When release-2_0 is ready, simply
> merge the release-1_0-updates and main branches, tag and branch it as
> "release-2_0-updates", rinse and repeat.
> It seems similar to the normal software development cycle, with a few
> differences  such as files (content) that get modified on the live site
> by
> the client (it can happen), which is why the live site is actually a
> working
> directory.
> This sound reasonable? 

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