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RE: Repository access question...

From: Douglas Finkle
Subject: RE: Repository access question...
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 18:01:31 -0500

>> > Disclaimer: I think this is all...

Oh yeah, admin user cvs should be in all groups... cvs, public, company[abc]

> =============================
> Thanks for the detailed answer!

ur welcome.

> Now for the trick question: If I am not going to use pserver, what is 
> the easiest to set up, and most secure? Remember, users thats 
> going to work with the source have never seen CVS or any tool like it 
> before. 

Sounds like a training issue. Also, easiest and most secure are generally
mutually exclisive. :-)

> So I think about using Tortoise CVS for the day to day use from windoze 
> because its easy to use. What about the alternative to pserver? SSH? 
> Kerberos? Tunneling? (I recently learned alot of fancy words...(hehe) 

SSH is pretty easy, it's free, and commonly understood.

> :-) I have SSH, CygWin, and Putty on my windoze box. Tortoise 
> CVS comes with SSH via a DOS window...and you have to punch in the
password for 
> every CVS command. Thats not very user friendly for people 
> totally blank on CVS and SSH and linux. Must be a better way (easier for
the users).

Why not use WinCVS?  I'm pretty sure the user can even set his/her passwd in
line that specifies the repository. That would solve the retyping problem,
but at
the expense of some security/authentication.  Can anyone confimr this?
Larry, Greg,
anybody?  Again, this is a training/procedural problem.


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