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Re: permissions on modules

From: Olav Lindkjølen
Subject: Re: permissions on modules
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 15:49:52 +0100
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1.  Say you have a repository with two modules (let's say red and blue for
the names).  I know if you put a user account in the readers file in
CVSROOT, it will give that person only read access to the whole repository.
Is there a  way to give someone read-only to red but read/write to blue?  Is
it a bad idea to start using actual Unix permissions for things like this or
does CVS allow you to get granular?

Have a look at the message thread from yesterday and the day before called "Repository access question". I had kind of the same problem you had and got a pretty detailed answer.

2.  I assume you can create more than one repository on a machine, but my
CVS repository is  in /usr/local/cvs now.  Where would a second one go?  Can
you specify any directory for where the repository can sit.

Yes you can. Read the Cederquist manual section about "Multiple repositories" at


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