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Re: CVS, Connection refused

From: Lamar Thomas
Subject: Re: CVS, Connection refused
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 18:55:33 GMT

William Daffer wrote:

> "Lamar Thomas" <address@hidden> writes:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > I am running RH 7.1 and CVS 1.11-3 using the bash shell.  When I try and
> > connect to cvs I get the following error:  "Connection refused".  Anyone
> > have any ideas?  Thanks for any help.
> >
> > Lamar
>   I take it you're connecting to a remote server?
>   Are you using RSH as the transport? What is the value of CVS_RSH?
>   Assuming you are: is rshd installed? (or is it rexecd, it's been so
>   long since I installed those Sun RPC facilities) <rpm -q rsh>
>   If installed, does the server have `rsh' chkconfig'd on? This is
>   part of the xinetd configuration. <man chkconfig> <man xinetd>
>   If installed and chkconfig'd on, does the server's
>   /etc/hosts.{allow,deny} allow such a connection? <man hosts_access>
>   You can use SSH by setting CVS_RSH to 'ssh'. That's a safer way to
>   do it anyway.
> whd
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No, I am trying to connect from the server it self.


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