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Re: How to auto-login and update command in a batch file?

From: James Knowles
Subject: Re: How to auto-login and update command in a batch file?
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 17:03:26 -0700

> I have other web site ,and I want to using a batch file 
> to auto login and update in from cvs server.and the batch 
> file in system crond.
> Do you know how to auto-login and update command 

I use the following methods in different circumstances, all relying on ssh
for security:

Set up ssh to use public/private key authentication so it does not require a
password. Then cron simply needs to do "cvs update -d" periodically. This
prevents passwords and data from going over the Internet unencrypted. 

Alternately, you can do update locally and use ssh+rsync to copy data en
masse. Again ssh encrypts. 

I've not used ssh as a port-forwarding proxy very much, but that is another
option that would work. 

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