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Re: Hanging checkout

From: Rick Shafer
Subject: Re: Hanging checkout
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 10:39:25 -0500

From: Gianni Mariani <address@hidden>
I've seen a hanging behaviour once when an RCS file was corrupted in the repository.

I'd check on HM_Arrays.js,v .

Corruption can happen (happened to me) between Windows and Unix where the file-names are mixed case and comare equal on Windows and different on Linux.

I don't know if this helps ... just a suggestion.

Ciao Gianni:
As I said, on one attempt it didn't even get to this first file before it hung. But you have given me one idea, which is to find another linux box to try the checkout on, and see if it is linux related. Finally, I will also try to move the Registry (at least temporarily) to another machine, and see if firewall issues are at the heart or not (though why those should matter here is somewhat beyond me)....
        Thanks for your interest...

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