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ANNOUNCE: New version control tool, MCVS.

From: Kaz Kylheku
Subject: ANNOUNCE: New version control tool, MCVS.
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 22:46:52 GMT
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MCVS manages an alternate representation for a file system tree, which
allows changes in the directory structure to be stored in CVS. Acting
as a CVS front end, MCVS replaces the cvs command with mcvs. So one can
do mcvs checkout, mcvs add, mcvs update and so on. There is also mcvs move 
which has no corresponding cvs command. The directory structure is
not only versioned by can be subject to outright parallel development:
merging, conflict] resolution. What's more, diffs can be made over the
MCVS representation, so diff and patch are effectively amplified to
handle renames.

MCVS currently requires Linux, and CLISP 2.27. The Linux system must also
have /dev/urandom. MCVS is written in Common Lisp with some reliance on
CLISP bindings to glibc2 to get to a few essential system calls.

It requires no changes to CVS whatsoever, neither client nor server
side. However, existing CVS projects have to be re-imported as MCVS
until a conversion tool is developed.

This is a very alpha, even pre-alpha, release, accordingly numbered 0.0.
But the software is already being used to version-control itself. :)

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