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cvs on red-hat 7.2 ?

From: Itamar Ofek
Subject: cvs on red-hat 7.2 ?
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 08:51:59 +0200

Hi everybody,

I have tried tio set up CVS on a linux red-hat 7.2 box, after reading the HOwTO,
as root

I created a user cvs:cvs - home dir is /home/cvsroot

drwxrws---    4 cvs      cvs          4096 Jan 27 17:29 cvsroot

#> ll cvsroot
drwxrwxr-x    3 cvs      cvs          4096 Jan 10 11:41 CVSROOT
-r--------    1 cvs      cvs           439 Jan 27 17:29 passwd

/etc/services: has the following entries
cvspserver      2401/tcp                        # CVS client/server operations
cvspserver      2401/udp                        # CVS client/server operations

I have added a cvspserver in /etc/xinet.d
#> vi cvspserver
service cvspserver
        port                    = 2041
        disable                 = no
        socket_type             = stream
        protocol                = tcp
        wait                    = no
        type                    = UNLISTED
        user                    = root
        group                   = cvs
#       env                     = 'CVSROOT=/home/cvsroot'
        server                  = /usr/bin/cvs
        server_args             = -f --allow-root=/home/cvsroot pserver

However  what ever I did I still could not login

cvs [login aborted]: connect to cvssrv:2401 failed: Connection refused
when I omitted the port in cvspserver
in /var/log/messages I got
Jan 28 07:58:00 cvssrvxinetd[19681]: Service cvspserver missing attribute port,

I would appreciate your help.



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