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Default Watching Bug ?

From: Colm Murphy
Subject: Default Watching Bug ?
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 17:29:11 +0000
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Hi folks,

While reading over the format for fileattr files in the CVS directories I found that the entry "D _watched=" should cause all future files added to that directory to be watched.

So I try it and yes indeed any files added to the directory are watched.
Whats more any directories that are added get a CVS/fileattr with the same entry.

The only problem I have is how to get the "D _watched" entry there in the first place.

The manual says that "cvs watch on dir" will create a fileattr with such an entry but unfortunately this is not the case.

Is this a bug ?


Colm A

The version of CVS I am using is cvs 1.11.1.p1.
I've downloaded the development version also and its behaviour is the same.

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