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Re: Paid support for CVS

From: Alastair J. Houghton
Subject: Re: Paid support for CVS
Date: 28 Jan 2002 22:11:38 +0000
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address@hidden (Kaz Kylheku) writes:

> In article <address@hidden>, Alastair J. Houghton wrote:
> >I don't know whether this is the right place to post this question, but the
> >company I work for would like to obtain paid support for CVS, so I'm looking
> >for a reputable company (ideally in the UK) that could provide such support.
> No, it is not the right place. The right place to find a consultant is
> a jobs newsgroups that covers your area, a jobs website, or a newspaper.
> Checking out a local Unix, BSD or Linux user group could also be fruitful.

True enough; however, there's a fair chance that someone providing support
would read this group.  (Well, at least they probably *should*).  

> ALso, have you tried searching the website? I punched
> ``consultants'' into its search box and it came up with something.
> (You'd think that the home page for the software would have some links
> In to support options, right? In this case it's an old Cyclic page and
> lists only four consultants which are in the U.S.)

Yes, I tried that and found the same as you.  I also tried Google.

It's academic anyway because they've changed their minds and we're now going
to have to put up with Visual SourceSafe.


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