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Re: security concept - set permissions for each directory - how to?

From: Corey Minyard
Subject: Re: security concept - set permissions for each directory - how to?
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 16:51:11 -0600
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I have a patch at that does what you want, and it has an SSL-based pserver. It does not support these functions over SSH, though.

If you are willing to set up ACLs on your machine, you are better off using SSH. I'd recommend against using unprotected pserver for security reasons.


Wolfgang Kormann wrote:

how can I build a security concept for CVS on SuSe Linux...
  - I'd like define groups
  - and it should be possible to set r/w rights on directories for this

for example:
          development --> r/w access for group A, read access only for
group B
          database --> r/w access for DB-group,  r only for
db-readonly-group, no access for others
          docs --> r/w access for doc-group, read access for others
          tools --> r/w access for group A and B, no access for others
and so on...

This should work with pserver and SSH.
Is this possible ... any ideas???


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