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Wincvs Display problem.

From: Nitin Dube
Subject: Wincvs Display problem.
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 01:08:00 -0500

Hi All,
I am using Wincvs1.20 and Wincvs1.35Beta
I have created a branch on a module and called it EnchanceBranch and tagged
the main trunk as build-01/29/02.
When I check out the main branch as per the tag, then on the screen I see
the tag name on some of the folders only and the tag name as 
build-01 on the files. But if I check out the branch then I get the correct
tag name on all the files and folders on the Wincvs window. 
Is it a display problem with Wincvs, because if I do a graph selection on
any of the files then I get the complete tag name. 
Please clarify my doubt.

Thanks and regards,
Nitin Dube

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