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Complex repository problem...

From: Olav Lindkjølen
Subject: Complex repository problem...
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 10:45:50 +0100
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I have a problem I would like to get an expert opinion on.

If I have a module in the repository like this:

  | |
  | + S-A11
  |   |
  |   + S-A111
  + S-A2
  | |
  | + S-A21
  |   |
  |   + S-A211
  + S-B1
    + S-B11
      + S-B111

Picture this event sequence:
---Delete S-A2 and S-B1 all files and subdirs of them from the repository.
---Import S-A2 and S-B1 back into the repository with all files an subdirs as two independent modules.
---Set up an entry in the modules file looking like this:
        M-A &S-A2 &S-B1

---If I checkout M-A, do I get a working dir where S-A2, and S-B1 with subdirs and files are created as subdirs of the working copy of M-A. ---If I do some changes to a file in S-A211, will a commit of M-A allso commit the changes to S-A2? ---When I later tag S-A2 with v1, and M-A with v1_2, will tag v1_2 allso be set on S-A2?
---Will merges from a branch of M-A allso affect S-A2?
---Do the tags on M-A have to be unique in the repository, or just for the module. ---Can I use v1 as a tag on S-A2 *and* on M-A and have them treated as separate tags when merging branches on M-A?

Sorry for the long message, and the many questions, but I want to get this right, so I avoid problems in the future. I allready have made the mistake of importing S-A2 and S-B1 as subdirs of M-A even though they are separate subprograms of M-A with separate tags and version numberings and release numbers.

Thanks in advance...

Regards Olav!

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