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RE: DIfferent workspace directories than repository...

From: Javabandit
Subject: RE: DIfferent workspace directories than repository...
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 11:19:13 EST

> Um, why do you need this specific layout in the 
> repository?  It seems to me that the structure of 
> the repository should be determined by the structure 
> of what must be checked out.

Some would disagree with you on that... myself included.  I was hoping that I 
could get CVS to treat a directory as a true project/first-class object.  Not 
just as a directory.

Many people create Projects and Subprojects within their SCM tools that are not 
simply treated as 'Directories'.  But as first-class objects.  In this way, 
they can have attributes.  One of those attributes is workspace location.  Its 
very common.  In several popular SCM tools, I could create a subproject 
("html") under the "MyProject" project and assign it a workspace location of 

Check out the Tigris project ( which is addressing these kinds 
of issues that CVS apparently doesn't meet.

> CVS will use the identity map when checking out, 
> but afterwards each directory has its own metadata
> (in the CVS subdirectory) so that it knows where it
> came from.  This means that it will retain the 
> mapping while you move the directories around on 
> your own.  Therefore, if you do something like 
> "cvs co bin; mkdir mydirectory; mv bin mydirectory/"
> you will still be able to do updates and checkins 
> from mydirectory/bin.

Well, that answers my question.  It can be done, but with manual kludges 
involved.  I was hoping to avoid such things.  

Thanks for the response and insight.  I appreciate it!

-- Rick Grashel

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