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Change of CVS source directories

From: wadesworld
Subject: Change of CVS source directories
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 10:27:07 -0600

I realize this isn't something that would get done tomorrow, but what would be the chances of changing the CVS source directories to a naming scheme which would work on case-insensitive file systems?

While that hasn't been an issue in the past, it is now with the growth of Darwin (MacOS X). Darwin supports HFS+, which is a case-preserving, but case-insensitive file system.

The problem is that when you check out cvs, cvs tries to create cvs/cvs and cvs/CVS. On a case-insensitive file system, that won't work work. The problem could be resolved by simply renaming the cvs directory to cvssrc or some such.

Now, I'm sure some Unix folks will argue that all file systems should be case sensitive. However, that's a moot point. HFS+ exists and is widely used. It is not going away and changing the file system is not an option.

I realize that those who have servers that maintain a CVS image can probably resolve the problem by just renaming the directory on their own server, but since they frequently update from the main CVS distributions, it'd make life a lot easier if this could eventually be changed in the main distributions.

Any thoughts?


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