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Way of listing *pathnames* of files in workspace

From: Glew, Andy
Subject: Way of listing *pathnames* of files in workspace
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 14:42:55 -0800

I would like to have a way of listing the pathnames of files
in the workspace that are checked into CVS.

E.g. in my repository is in
submodule project
and I am on machine linnb007
with my files checked out as
with a tree for the project that contains 
        project/ - the project root directory
(i.e. the files checked out are
        /netbatch/project/cvs.workspaces/project1/ - the project root

Then I want to get the list of files:
possibly with or without b.dir

REASON: I want to use this to create a Bill Of Materials, BOM.

It would seem that "cvs status" should give me what I want, with
a bit of massaging...  but, frankly, I can't figure out how to do that
massaging without looking at the CVS/{Root,Repository,Entries} files.
And if I have to do that, I might as well just look at those files directly,
and not use the program interface "cvs status".  But then I am worried
about fragility.

Reason: cvs status gives me something like:
        Working file: a.txt
        RCS file: /foo/bar/my-cvs-repository/project/a.txt,v

        Working file: b.txt
        RCS file: /foo/bar/my-cvs-repository/project/b.dir/b.txt,v

The working file name doesn't include the path.

The RCS file name includes the path, but I need to get rid of
the repository name, "/foo/bar/my-cvs-repository",
as well as the module name, "project".

I can't find the repository name from CVSROOT, because it usually
is not in my environment. (Working with several repositories, using
scripts.)  Barring any other way, I seem to have to look at CVS/Root
to get the repository name, so that I can skip that.

Similarly, the module name isn't always the same, or even a single
directory, in the presence of many & modules.  Barring any other way,
I seem to have to look at CVS/Repository to get the pathname within]
the repository.

Are any of the ways that I think are barred above actually open?

(The best way I can see to do this without accessing
is to run "find -type f -print | xargs -n 1", passing a script to xargs that
cvs status on the filename it is given, printing the filename if cvs status
Klugey, but workable.  Is there a better way?)

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