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help with newly created repository

From: Scott O.
Subject: help with newly created repository
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 09:38:50 -0500

I have just created a second repository on my CVS server.  I first created a
new Linux group and added the users that I wanted to have access to this new
repository into it.  I added the second command in xinetd.conf to allow
pserver to authenticate for this repository too.

After creating the repository, I did a chgrp on all the files in the CVSROOT
directory to the newly created group for this repository.  I then created a
directory called test, which I wanted to be my first module, and changed
that group too.  In addition I chmod 775 on the new directory and test file
in the repository.

I use WinCVS for a client.  I changed the Admin - Preferences cvsroot to my
new repository and made a new local working directory.

Here is my problem:

I can successfully authenticate through pserver to my new repository.
But, when I try to checkout module test, I get 'failed to create lock
directory in repository, permission denied.' and 'failed to obtain dir lock
in repository' and 'read lock failed - giving up'.

Also, if I try to import a module from WinCVS, I get the following error:
'Cannot make path to /blah/blah/blah: permission denied' and 'cannot write
file; no such file or directory exists (because the module didn't import).

I know it is a permission problem of some sort, but having trouble with what
and where.  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help,


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