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Re: cvs add from a different directory

From: Eric Siegerman
Subject: Re: cvs add from a different directory
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 15:21:35 -0500
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On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 04:55:17AM +0000, E B wrote:
> $pwd
> /some/unknown/directory
> $cvs -L /home/jim/work add newfile

On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 12:46:35AM -0500, Larry Jones wrote:
> I don't see where this is something CVS should need to do.

I agree that his suggested syntax is cumbersome.  But look behind
that, and what he really needs is simply that CVS follow standard
UNIX file-naming semantics:  given that /a/b/sandbox is in fact a
CVS sandbox, why should CVS care which of these is used to name a
file c/d within it?
        cd /a/b/sandbox/c; cvs XXX d
        cd /a/b/sandbox; cvs XXX c/d
        cvs XXX /a/b/sandbox/c/d

As with other UNIX commands, these three sequences should behave

One likely response is, "nobody's written the code; if you want
to, feel free."  Fair enough.  But that's a very different answer
from "CVS *should not* do this".


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