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How to get log messages *after* one tag up to another tag

From: Palle Girgensohn
Subject: How to get log messages *after* one tag up to another tag
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 04:36:54 +0100


I want to get a list of all changelog messages for a certain release of a piece of software.

Say I have a tag rel_5_0_1 and another (later) tag rel_5_0_2

Now, I need a list of all changes made after rel_5_0_1 up to the rel_5_0_2 tag, i.e. all changes added in release 5.0.2.

I can't get cvs to do this easily, which puzzles me. Also, I have not found any tool to this, which is even more confusing. IMO, this should be a very common requirement?

I guess I could write a script that starts with rdiff, gets the versions for each modified file in the two tags, and loop through them to get the log messages, and the remove (!) the bottom message, since it belongs to the last commit before rel_5_0_1. But, this is clusmy, error prone and hackish. There must be a better way, no?


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