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Re: The idea isn't clear...

From: Giovanni Giazzon
Subject: Re: The idea isn't clear...
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 09:54:26 -0300

Yes, it has this option and it is helpful. But, it has to be called by the
developers so, again, bad things can happen when editing the same file.
Even though, we do this synchronization before edit and before commit.
I think that there is no way to prevent these conflicts in concurrent
implementation. It is something that I'm not used to, since I'm coming from
SourceSafe-like version control systems.

Giovanni Giazzon

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Subject: Re: The idea isn't clear...

> Eclipse goes one further and gives you an opportunity to synchronise in a
> clean area, where you can review changes that come in before they are
> automatically merged. This is better than vanilla CVS, though it is a bit
> slower to handle over dial-up.
> It should be called "synchronize with repository" option (or something
> similar).
> Essentially, each user does not need to worry about the other until they
> commit. The bigger the change, the more likely the last person to commit
> will need to resolve conflicts with other users.
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> Subject: Re: The idea isn't clear...
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>  "you'll get a warning about being not up to date"
> That would be great, but I'm working with CVS and Eclipse and that warning
> does not seems to exist (it's a plugin to connect to a CVS server). I did
> some tests here with one branch being shared between two developers, and
> without that "warning" things can get dangerous. But this approach looks
> better than the "a branch per developer" one.
> Does anybody have experience with CVS and Eclipse in this list?
> Thanks,
> Giovanni Giazzon

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