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tracking third party sources...

From: Venu Vadapalli
Subject: tracking third party sources...
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 14:21:16 -0700

I imported sources from a vendor with a tag A
cd /tmp/import1
cvs import -m 'sources from vendor' cvsdir vendor A
cd /tmp
cvs co cvsdir
cd cvsdir
touch file1
touch file2
cvs add file1 file2
cvs commit -m 'Added file1 file2' file1 file2
cd /tmp/import2
cvs import -m 'sources from vendor' cvsdir vendor B
mkdir /tmp/mergedir
cd /tmp/mergedir
cvs co -jA -jB cvsdir
===> I see that cvs checks out the files with 'R' prefix which according to the
     info pages is 'file removed from private copy and will be removed from the
     repository when commited.

Which dir should I do the last command (cvs co -jA -jB cvsdir) from? Should I
create a new dir /tmp/mergedir or should I use the working dir (/tmp/cvsdir) 
that I
used to add my files (file1, file2) or should I use the directory from which I
did the second import from or does it matter?? If it doesn't what do the 'R ' 
messages mean when I did the cvs co -jA -jB cvsdir?

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