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Command-line multi-line messages for commit

From: Stephen Biggs
Subject: Command-line multi-line messages for commit
Date: 01 Jun 2003 12:12:03 +0300

Greetings all,

How do I enter in multi-line log messages when I want to commit?

I tried using "\n", "\\n", "^L" in the quoted text string for the "-m"
option but no go; all are on the same line with the quoted string in the
log message.  Running bash on Linux, Redhat 8.0.  I tried embedding for
bash using $'\n' but this whole string gets put into the log.

Basically how do I embed 0xa characters directly into the command line
for the commit command?  This might be more related to straight Linux
command line usage, and if this is off-topic, please excuse.  Any
assistance would be appreciated.

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