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Re: .cvsignore file being ignored...

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: .cvsignore file being ignored...
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 00:31:07 -0700

Peschko, Edward <address@hidden> writes:

> hm.
> I have a .cvsignore file in each of my directories with the following entry:
> *~
> and yet when I say:
> cvs add file~
> it happily accepts the file, puts it in for committing. when I cvs
> commit, it commits the file.
> umm... shouldn't .cvsignore block these entries from being even processed?


A user should be able to add any file to the repository that they wish.
The .cvsignore file is to reduce the clutter on an update or diff
operation, not to prohibit those files from bein able to be checed into
the repository.

It is perfectly acceptable to have both .* and * in the .cvsignore file
so that a user is never 'bothered' with a list of files in the directory
that are not cvs controlled. This does not mean that no files should be
allowed to be added to the repository.

        -- Mark

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