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How to manage frequent (minor) deloyments with CVS

From: James Sheridan-Peters
Subject: How to manage frequent (minor) deloyments with CVS
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 13:53:10 -0400

I'm familiar enough with CVS in a standard software development environment and 
have managed to muddle my way through to handle everything I need that goes 
along with it.  My problem, now, is that I'm trying to come up with a solution 
for updating a moderately fluid website (imgs, html, pdfs mostly) that is 
updated by non-cvs-savvy people.  I don't see how tagging releases will make 
things easy enough to be done twice a week - our proposed schedule - nor do I 
foresee the ability to only pull the HEAD revisions of all files as some areas 
will need to be worked on over a period of time before they are ready for 

We have virtually identical test and production servers, both updated only from 
CVS, and content developers have Apache on their desktops for individual 
testing before committing their changes.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a practical method of managing this or 
links to sites that do?  I'm sure I'm not the first to go through this with a 
highly dynamic site and I'd hate to spend time and effort on coming up with a 
solution that may not be optimal if there are already good ideas out their in 

I'm not 100% tied to CVS so if your suggestion is "use XXX instead" then that's 
welcome information.


James Sheridan-Peters

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