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Re: .cvsignore file being ignored

From: Peschko, Edward
Subject: Re: .cvsignore file being ignored
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 15:48:58 -0700

> I hope you do realise that wildcard expansion is being done by the shell.. 
> not the utilty...

Of course I realize that.

> I hope you also know you can "cvs rm" all the files you had not intended...

Of course I realize that.

>> if I *wanted* to pick up a file like this, there should be an option like 
>> '--force'

> That would be minutely better than your next suggestion, but its still really
> very unnecessary and would seriously break backward compatibility... etc

That's why I suggested a new feature.

> [about .cvsblock ] Then who gets to mediate between that and the existing 
> .cvsignore list?

No need for mediation. The point of .cvsblock would be to scan, and filter, 
arguments on the 
*client side* before they are sent to the server. Do the wildcard expansion, 
filter the arguments 
going to the server.

Looking through the code, I already see you do filtering on the server side, 
for the
possibility of people doing 'cvs add * (in src/add.c)'. Do it on the client 
side as well.

.cvsignore does filtering on the server side. It explicitly passes back an 
Ignore statement
based on what it finds in ignore, and the client doesn't print anything. Making 
the usage 
consistent would be easy, simple make a .cvsblock link to .cvsignore and you'll 
block the
files that you ignore, and vice versa. I could see some issues if people had 
different .cvsignore 
and .cvsblock files, but caveat emptor - its an easily fixed problem if you 
aren't running cvs
in quiet mode.

The more I look at it, the more I see that this is a philosophical point of 
than anything else... This is a ADDITION not a CHANGE; it isn't an 
'arbitrary UI decision' - if people would want to use .cvsblock, they could, 
if not they won't. Personally, as a cvs admin I don't want to maintain
extra cvs wrappers. I don't want to clean up after newbies by saying 'cvs rm' 
all over the place... I just want the feature, would use it, and want the 
bundled with the client so I don't need to install anything else.


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