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Re: Upgrading Older Version to Newer

From: Jake Colman
Subject: Re: Upgrading Older Version to Newer
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 17:22:53 -0400
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The repository itself needs no conversion?  The new CVS executable will
simply work with the old/current repository?  Are there any dependencies on
version of the underlying rcs binaries?  The jump from 1.10.7 to 1.11.6 seems
fairly large, no?  Doesn't that jump cover quite a few intermediate releases?

I'm sorry to be peppering you with so many questions but I have been tasked
with this upgrade and I have to explain how I have ensured the integrity of
the result.

>>>>> "LJ" == Larry Jones <address@hidden> writes:

   LJ> Yes, it's quite straightforward.  Most likely, all you'll need to do is
   LJ> to install the new CVS executable, but be sure to read the NEWS file to
   LJ> see if there's anything else you need to do.  You're should run "cvs
   LJ> init" after upgrading to perform any necessary updates to your
   LJ> repository (although there haven't been any changes to the repository
   LJ> so far that make that strictly necessary).

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