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slightly off topic - Directory Structures

From: thomas . maciejewski
Subject: slightly off topic - Directory Structures
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 10:49:10 -0400

Can someone please post a directory structor template for CVS ...

This is what I cam up with and just wondering what everyone else does

This document will serve as the standard format for projects being entered
into CVS.

Java Directory Structure under CVS
<Project Name>/src
<Project Name>/build  < empty directories only >
<Project Name>/lib
<Project Name>/config
<Project Name>/Common
<Project Name>/docs
<Project Name>/test

<Project Name>/src ? This is where the source for this project lives.
There may be multiple code bases for source.  There may be Java, C++, Perl,
ksh, cobol all part of one project. The source directory will house all of
the source code for the project.  The breakdown of this directory will be
by code type:

<Project Name>/src/java   -    This is for any Java code.  This is also
where the build.xml document lives
<Project Name>/src/C++    -  This is for C++ code ? This is where the C++
MakeFile lives.
<Project Name>/src/Cobol ?  This is for COBOL code  - This is where he
COBOL MakeFile lives.
<Project Name>/src/scripts ? This is for scripts such as perl, ksh

<Project Name>/build ? This is where code get built. The base of this
directory should mirror src.  This should only be written to by make or
make substitute ( i.e. ant )  These files should not get checked in.  Only
the directory stubs should be check in
<Project Name>/build/java   -   This is for any Java code.
<Project Name>/build/C++  -    This is for C++ code
<Project Name>/build/Cobol ?  This is for COBOL code
<Project Name>/build/scripts ? This is for scripts such as perl, ksh

<Project Name>/lib ? This is where any libraries or external dependencies
that are needed for this project are stored.
<Project Name>/lib/java   -   This is for any Java code.
<Project Name>/lib/C++  -    This is for C++ code
<Project Name>/lib/Cobol ?  This is for COBOL code
<Project Name>/lib/scripts ? This is for scripts such as perl, ksh

<Project Name>/config ? This is where any configuration files are stored.

<Project Name>/Common ? This is a link to the Common Project.  This link is
provided as a convenience when doing development.  This directory should
only be used in development and not in production

<Project Name>/docs ? All Documentation for the Project

<Project Name>/test ? an area for any test scripts or anything related to
testing this project

The information contained herein is confidential and is intended solely for the 
addresse(s).  It shall not be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell any 
security.  Any unauthorized access, use, reproduction, disclosure or 
dissemination is prohibited.
Neither SOCIETE GENERALE nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliates shall assume 
any legal liability or responsibility for any incorrect, misleading or altered 
information contained herein.

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